THe issues

Tribal and Treaty Rights


This has long been a hot topic on the frontlines of political agendas and debate.  in many regions of Canada substantial treaty rights have been neglected, where others never agreed to relinquishing the land.  TIF will support the political leaders in their efforts to recognize our long neglected rights and lobby government for change. 

Education and Capacity Building


By increasing the knowledge base of educated tribal members we will share a greater understanding of all that impacts our territories and be better prepared to negotiate relevant decisions in Indian Country.  TIF will provide education seminars to the communities directly impacted by eminent opportunity, as well as delivery capacity building seminars to those under-serviced communities in remote locations. 

Economic Development


   The current leaders of TIF specialize in economic development, project management and numerous arenas of financial management including; government loans, private - public - partnerships (PPP), bank & institutional lending, private and venture capital as well as corporate finance and merchant banking to name a few.  TIF will discuss the options the local communities face and assist in negotiating the best possible terms for the people. 

Arts & Culutre


Native arts have long been a cherished form of aboriginal heritage.  TIF will utilize its network of dealers, galleries and collectors to further promote and enlighten our culture for all its beautiful heritage as well support modern native artists to bring their vision and perspective to the world and the marketplace. 



Along with supporting the Arts and Culture, we must preserve and educate our people on our traditional tongues as without our language we lose our identity and connection to our past.  TIF will assist in education grants and support emerging use of technology for the sustainability of native languages. 



Much needs to be done to keep our people protects from the foreign plagues to our people:  diabetes, substance abuse, safe drinking water and living conditions are all issues that seem to constantly be neglected by governments.  TIF will do its part to bring in care where it is needed, while being a constant voice to health care boards to ensure funding is in place at appropriate levels.